Many times, equipment needs to be ordered prior to install, or the actual delivery from the manufacturer cannot be coordinated with the install date.  Additionally, some equipment must be housed away from the elements.  To address these situations we offer industrial indoor climate controlled warehousing.

Your equipment can be shipped directly to us, where we received it. We store it indoors or out and hauled it to your job site the day of your install.

Master Rigger Services:

To conduct business in NYC -Road closures, NYC permits, tower cranes, tandem lifts all require a master rigger to be present. We can expedite your permits and close your streets seamlessly and without delays.

Engineering Services:

NYC over 250' crane erection, rigging plans, engineered lifts, DOB pre-lift meetings. Crane Notice, MTA work. We can accommodate all your project requirements.

Low Beds

Stretch Trailers

Equipment we can rig includes but is not limited to:

Boom Trucks and Crane Service:

We know many contractors only have a few picks, much less than 8 hours of crane time. We have flat rates, half-day rates, or full day rates to accommodate your work load.

Rigging Services:

Do you have heavy equipment that needs to be placed in tight locations?  We have the expertise, equipment, cranes, as well as personnel to complete those complicated rigging jobs.

Whatever the job calls for to set your equipment in place we can handle it.  Through windows or garages, upstairs or down, even if we have to remove walls or cut holes through a roof, nothing is impossible.  We service customers in  Long Island, New York City, Upstate New York, New Jersey & Connecticut areas

With our state of art equipment and experienced rigging staff, we work with customers to come up with safe cost effective solutions.






Switch Gear




 Art Work


Tilt Trailers

Double Drop Trailers

Drop Decks

Tilt Body Flatbeds

Trailer Types:


Water towers




High Flats

Trucking Services:

PMM Cranes can provide turnkey solutions for our customers from standard freight solutions to over dimensional/ overweight trucking and permit services.  We have the resources to receive, store, deliver, hoist, and rig your equipment into place. No matter the weight or size of your equipment we have the knowledge and ability to deliver your equipment quickly and safely. One stop shop!